Monday, 16 November 2009

Did You Know - Sofa Facts

Over on one of my favourite websites London Design Guide the very talented Brit author Mr Max Fraser has shared some amusing and insightful facts about our beloved sofas. According to a recent poll by home insurance company esure the sofa – endures some heavy abuse in its lifetime, which apparently averages only 8 years, 1 month, and 8 days.

The poll also showed the average sofa puts up with children jumping up and down on it 587 times during its lifetime.

photo via susan and her 5d
The average sofa will witness 293 arguments, 1,300 cuddles, and suffer over 1,600 spillages in its lifetime.

photo via thegloaming 
Owners will also find money inside the sofa three time a month, totaling about 60 pence on each occasion – that’s the equivalent of £1.80 a month and £176.04 over the sofa’s lifetime.

photo via Nich Hance
In addition, couples who own the sofa will use it to kiss each other 12 times a month and cuddle up 14 times a month – that’s 1,174 kisses and 1,369 cuddles over the sofa’s lifetime.
photo via merkley??? 

It will also be a bed for up to 489 visitors and be slept on by one member of the household for 293 nights due to a heated domestic spat.

The most comfortable seat in the house will also host the bums of up to 782 visitors and tolerate 391 lads’ nights and 293 girly nights.

The study also found that the sofa is home to its residents for an average of four hours per day

photo via wiseacre
It also emerged that the average child will lose approximately four toys a month down the back of the sofa and lose three socks or other random items of clothing.

photo via mikhail wassmer
It seats residents for 13 TV dinners a month, and homeowners snuggle up on the sofa for 1,271 soap operas and 782 films.

photo via girlhula
In addition, children will drop food and drink on the sofa three times a fortnight or 72 times a year, and even their parents will spill some of their dinner on the sofa six times a month.


  1. Wow! I'm not sure whether this makes my sofa more gross or more endearing, considering that it is from the 60's and has never been re-upholstered! Great little factoids here!

  2. Fantastic!
    I have a new and deeper respect for my sofa!
    I will send tender & thankful mental note to it for the $176.04 it has granted me for vacuuming it, fluffing its pillows, and clearing it from general family debris.. :)

  3. Great little post...makes me eager to have my new sofa delivered.