Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sick Leave - Invitation to Readers

Eclipse 8 by Nick van Woert; Christian Borstlap via Life in The Slow Line

Sorry I'm off sick today with flu... Arrrr.... CHOO!
Perhaps you can leave a link to your most relevant posts from your blog about making the most of your home for us all to look at...  Put it in the comments and I will review and put the best posts up on Welcome Home- a guide to modern living


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    I wrote about Amy Butlers new wallpaper range a couple of weeks ago which maybe of interest?!

    Take care, make a nice honey & lemon drink and snuggle under a warm blanket.


  2. Poor you I hope you will feel better soon :-(

    I decorated Mila's bedroom in the Summer which may be of interest to your readers if they want ideas for children's bedrooms, especially if they want to get away from anything pink



  3. feel better soon....some chicken soup perhaps? and a little perusal of for a shortlist of well designed products - proving that the introduction of a baby does not mean the end of a stylish home!

  4. Here are some links on themes revolving around home decor on my blog The Simply Luxurious Life, I hope you begin to feel better soon: