Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Preserving Design

Jaeuk Jung designer of The Amber Chair wanted to explore the preservation of a historical object and capturing a moment in time. Jaeuk has used a classic wooden chair and has sealed it in an amber-like polymer. 
Marta Mattsson work contains preserved resin insects. " Nature is a great source of inspiration but so is Pokemon", says Marta. Carly Waito's oil paintings are inspired by natural objects that are curious and beautiful
Natural lacquers, varnish and glazes explore a new shine that captures a watery ciscosity and semi-translucency with a hard a polished exterior. Eclipse 2 by Nick van Woert; Barite, 2009  ~  oil on masonite by Carly Waito
I have always loved cheap sources of wood being transformed into a glossy, elegant material using transparent or semi-transparent lacquer. Rik Stool by Inon Rettig; Particle collection by Jens Praet's; Occasional table by Bleu Nature

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  1. That chair is amazing! What a clever idea - don't think I'd actually want to own a piece of furniture like that, but fascinating all the same. Great post!

    Claire Marie x