Monday, 26 October 2009

Harry Potter Feast Banned By Muggles

Warning do not host a Harry Potter party for Halloween. British Newspaper, The Observer, reported that the owner of The Underground Restaurant, who uses the pseudonym Ms Marmite Lover has been banned to host a Hogwart feast.

She regularly holds themed evenings at private homes for adventurous, British foodies and for her latest event she had planned a menu of food and drink enjoyed by Harry Potter and friends in the JK Rowling stories. However, Warner Bros has written a warning that if she uses any influence of the story she will be breaching copyright laws. All a little bit different to Marmite's response when they heard about one of her themed parties to include the spread in every dish. The company was so pleased they stocked her up with plenty of Marmite and all for free. The party is continuing but the name of the event is now called "Generic Wizard Night", suggested by Warner Bros. I have no doubt the night will be still a hit and so much more fun coming up with spinoffs of the famous tale. The Underground Restaruant is a brilliant idea. A great way to meet new friends, taste great food and best of all a little chance to sticky beak around someone's home. Here are a couple of pictures from Ms Marmite's events.

All pictures via Ms Marmite

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