Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Banish The Flab With Baker Miller Pink

Want to look great for summer in your bikini without working out? Well how about a paint colour that can raise your metabolism helping you shed the pounds. 

Not only will Baker Miller Pink help you lose weight it will help you sleep and drop your stress levels so you can be the chill queen you deserve to be. This sounds too good to be true but homeowner David Alhadeff, founder of super cool design store The Future Perfect swears by it. ‘ They paint jails this colour because it calms people down. It increases your melatonin production which increases your metabolism and decreases anxiety,’ says David.  Check out his bedroom in Williamsburg photographed by Jonny Valiant. Let us know your results living with this fairy floss candy colour.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, check out the science bit. It looks like the colour Betsey Johnson used in her New York apartment and explains why I have been obsessing over it for yonks. I can't seem to stop myself filling my inspiration board with pink images! Maybe I will be able to persuade my other half its the perfect colour for our bedroom.